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During the summer months, many parishes host Vacation Bible School as a fun and interactive way for children to experience their faith.  VBS usually consists of a variety of interactive activities, music, prayer, games and community building that bring faith to life.  VBS engages students in multi-sensory learning which really lends itself to the possibility of providing opportunities for children with disabilities to meaningfully participate with some minor adaptations.  The first step in providing intentional accommodations for participants is to know the details of the individual needs of the students.  Consider adapting your registration form to gather the necessary information during the registration process and come up with an action plan based on the individual needs of the participant.  Be sure to communicate this information with your team so that everyone knows the specifics of their role.  Provide a sensory-friendly space for students who are overwhelmed by noise, crowds, dancing, etc.  Consider the physical abilities of participants while planning games, and make adjustments to the lesson plans for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Remember, when you meet the learning needs of one student, you unintentionally meet the needs of others as well! 

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