Category: Divine Worship and Sacraments

Communicating the Vision

THURS MAY 23 or TUES MAY 28 1:30-3pm Zoom As your Family of Parishes creates a vision for the future and continues to think about planning together, it is important

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Girl opens bible with splashes of red for the Holy Spirit

May Impact

The Holy Spirit knows our hearts and is already at work within us. The Holy Spirit is love. Love resides within us, awaiting our readiness to live in love boldly,

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April Impact

When we think of stewardship, we often use the phrase, “time, talent and treasure” to express the understanding that we are called to be good stewards of all we are,

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Year of Prayer

Pope Francis has asked that 2024 be marked as a Year of Prayer. The Holy Father announced its launch on Sunday 21 January 2024, on the fifth annual celebration of the

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We can’t deny it

Fr. Jan Kevin Schmidt Director, Pastoral Vitality Since the beginnings of our efforts with Beacons of Light you have heard time and again the importance of keeping the “Why” of

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