TOGETHER Bread of Life Discourse

Bring Your Parish TOGETHER with Jesus, the Bread of Life

The resources of TOGETHER can be used especially during the summer weeks of July 28-Aug 25, as we hear the Gospel readings commonly referred to as the “Bread of Life Discourse”. 

Every third year, the usual Gospel readings from Mark give way to these rich Eucharistic passages from the Gospel of John in which Jesus offers himself to us as the Bread of Life!

Especially during the National Eucharistic Revival, TOGETHER is a way to help your parishioners deepen their belief in the Eucharist and their experience of Sunday Mass.

Take these 5 weeks to help your faith community to better appreciate, understand, encounter, adore, and celebrate Jesus, the Bread of Life!

  • Choose a different TOGETHER theme as a focus for parish life each week.
  • Publish a different TOGETHER bulletin article each Sunday from July 28-Aug 25 to catechize on the Eucharist.
  • Use the social media posts to invite your parishioners into deeper reflection.
  • Have a 5-week homily series using the TOGETHER sample homilies united with the rich Gospel passages from John.
  • Share a different article from The Catholic Telegraph each week on your parish social media feed based on the Gospel reading from the prior Sunday.
  • Have a 5-week “post-Mass coffee chat” for adults and/or teens using the discussion questions, reflecting upon the Gospels.
  • Create 5 videos of your pastor, a deacon, a staff member, or catechist using the TOGETHER talking points and then share them on social media.
  • Use the source quotes from each TOGETHER theme in your bulletin or in a weekly parish newsletter.

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