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Posted 06/30/2022


The Music Ministry Director gives leadership to the traditional worship services of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish by using the organ/piano to lift the congregation in music for the praise of God. Supervision: The Organist serves under the supervision of the Pastor.




  1. Select and provide organ music at all traditional weekend Masses,
    • Select Feast Days at 8:00am, Holy Days 8:00am Mass and 1 evening Mass.
    • Play for weekend mass on Sunday at 10:00am, two Saturday evening masses a month at 5pm.
    • Christmas and Easter Masses may vary, typically would include Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning,
    • Easter Vigil and Easter morning. Holy Week would include mass on Holy Thursday and Good Friday‚Äôs Passion.
    • Accompany vocalists and instrumentalist as scheduled by the Choir Director
    • Select Holidays may have a saxophone, flute, violinist and / or trumpet players
  1. Select hymns appropriate in conjunction with the pastor which are reflective of the liturgical season and designated Scripture texts.
    • Work with the Choir Director and the Contemporary Choir on a quarterly basis to select music
    • Preparation for song selection meetings, Compare AIM, GIA and Living Liturgy books/planners, may also use websites to come up with new music
    • Make copies for the meeting of the song selection
  1. Funeral Masses
    • Coordinate with funeral choir director and choir
    • Meet with vocalist for funeral choir to practice
    • Coordinate/reserve the church for practice with parish secretary
  1. Coordinate with choir director for the Youth Choir
    • Practice is from Aug-May
    • Youth choir sings 2 times a month
    • Coordinate/reserve the church for practice with the parish secretary
    • Coordinate with the Choir Director, the Dayton Dragons audition to sing the National Anthem and submit the video
  1. Coordinate with the choir director for the Adult Choir
    • Practice is from Aug-May
    • Adult Choir typically sings at 10am mass
    • Coordinate/reserve the church for practice with the parish secretary
  1. Oversee cantor ministry
    • Cantors typically sing for 8:00am mass and one or two Saturdays a month
    • Schedule a practice with all cantors
    • Coordinate/reserve the church for practice with the parish secretary
  1. Arrange for a substitute for all absences.
  2. Choose and purchase organ music within the approved budgetary parameters.
  3. Work with the Pastor regarding any items that you feel need to be maintained such as tuning and maintenance of all musical instruments of the church outside of the existing scheduled maintenance
  4. Provide organ/piano music for weddings held at the church when the organ is the primary instrument used. Fees for these services are not provided by the church, but from couples and families based upon your set fee.
  5. Submit budget requests each fall as part of the budgetary process of the Pastoral Council and Finance Committee.


  1. The Organist shall rehearse sufficiently to maintain a high quality of music at the organ.
  2. An annual performance review will be done with the Pastor.
  3. Cooperate with all staff and musicians of the congregation so that music ministry is enhanced within the life of the church.
  4. The Organist shall seek professional relationships with other church musicians and keep abreast of developments in worship and liturgy through associations, continuing education, and professional church publications.


  1. A minimum of an associates of Music degree/relevant experience and sufficient keyboard ability to sight read hymns, liturgy, and accompaniments.
  2. Knowledge of Catholic worship tradition and a theological understanding of the church sufficient to appropriately select music and texts for traditional worship.
  3. Experience as a “team player” in a church setting working with staff, musicians, and volunteers.


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Interested individuals should send a cover letter and resume, with references to [email protected]

Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, 9377 St Rt 119W, Anna, OH 45302