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Welcome to the Center for the New Evangelization Resource Page.

On this page you will find all of the documents and resources you will need for your parish evangelization efforts, including Youth Evangelization, Christian Initiation and Marriage. For the Center for the New Evangelization home page please go to

The parish is ground zero for the Church’s evangelization efforts. At the Center for New Evangelization we desire to partner with those parishes ready to “choose the missionary option.” We serve pastors, parish leaders, catechists, young adults and the Hispanic community. We provide trainings, conferences and parish mentoring in order to equip parishes to Radiate Christ throughout the Archdiocese.

Youth Evangelization

Parish leaders, youth evangelists and catechists will find information regarding the Graded Course of Study, Totus Tuus, Youth Documents, and all permission and liability forms.

Adult Evangelization and RCIA

Parish Adult Evangelists will find pastoral documents and resources for the RCIA process, as well as contact information for young adult evangelization and college campus ministry.

Marriage & Family

Pastoral staff that oversee the preparation of marriage in their parish will find brochures, documents and resources to help with the process.

Hispanic Evangelization

Hispanic catechetical leaders will find resources and contact information to help with Hispanic ministry..

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Staff Directory

Sean Ater

Director, The Center for the New Evangelization

Christen Aquino

Managing Director, Youth Evangelization and Discipleship

Denise Austing

Administrative Coordinator, The Center for the New Evangelization

Dina Beach

Associate Director, Hispanic Evangelization

Katie Englefield

Coordinator, Marriage Preparation

Karla Eysoldt

Coordinator, Hispanic Evangelization

Lisa Fletcher

Managing Director, Communications

Nicholas Hardesty

Associate Director, Adult Evangelization and RCIA

Shane Legg

Associate Director, Youth Evangelization
Mary Alice Ordonez_square

Mary Alice Ordonez

Associate Director, Hispanic Evangelization, Dayton
Wayne Topp_square

Wayne Topp

Managing Director, Young Adult Evangelization

Adriana Vasquez

Managing Director, Marriage and Family Evangelization

Samuel Vazquez

Managing Director, Hispanic Evangelization