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Language:  EN/ES

Welcoming each other back to Mass


“For you have made the whole world a temple of your glory, that your name might everywhere be extolled, yet you allow us to consecrate to you apt places for the divine mysteries. And so, we dedicate joyfully to your majesty this house of prayer, built by human labor. Here is foreshadowed the mystery of the true Temple, here is prefigured the heavenly Jerusalem.”

— Roman Missal, Preface for the Dedication for a Church



  • The Word became flesh; Jesus is not simply an idea, but a physical reality.
  • We experience the presence of Christ in the community assembled together, which is possible through physical gatherings but not fully in a virtual manner.
  • The sacraments are physical signs of inner realities — they require created things and people gathered in proximity.
  • Sacramental Communion completes our participation in the Eucharist: we meet Christ in holy Communion at Mass in a way beyond any virtual experience.
  • Church buildings are dedicated for our worship and are truly the house of God.


For Your Reflection

What do I appreciate most about my parish’s church building?

What are the benefits I receive from physically going to Mass rather than only participating online?

How do I encounter God in my virtual participation in Mass? How is God missing if I live only online?

What keeps me from truly appreciating Christ’s real presence in the community of believers who gather in the church each Sunday?