What is Phase 0? Get ready to warmup!

The year 2022 will be momentous in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati as Families of Parishes begin to join together to envision the future as a community of faith. You will be a big part of this as a parish leader. You will hear much more about the Pastoral Planning Pathway – the support, resources, and guidance that will be provided for Families to use in creating their pastoral plan – in the future. The first phase of the Pathway will begin July 1, 2022. But what about now? What should parish leaders do between now and July 1? We’re calling this time “Phase 0: Warmup.” This is a time in which you and all in your parish can pray, learn, and prepare for what is to come. It’s a time to look back and look ahead, a time for appreciation of your parish and to anticipate becoming part of a Family of Parishes.

A special web platform is being prepared for the Pastoral Planning Pathway and it is where you will find thoughtful and timely resources for Phase 0: Warmup. Click on the button below and bookmark it; return to it frequently in the coming months. The Beacons of Light team at the Pastoral Center and multiple design teams will keep you updated as additional resources, ideas, and guidance become available.

Phase 0: Warmup invites us to:

Pray: There is nothing more important for us to do at this time than to pray, for our parishes, our people, and for ourselves as leaders.

Learn: This is the perfect time to reflect on the theological foundations for the Families of Parishes and become familiar with the principles, parameters, and vision for Beacons of Light.

Prepare: As we progress through the winter and spring, parish leaders will be asked to prepare for Phase 1 by taking stock of what is in place in the parish now and considering what might be beneficial in the future.

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