Archives for June 2, 2022

As Families of Parishes begin the journey of pastoral planning in our Beacons of Light process, the Department of Pastoral Vitality announces the launch of the Center for Parish Vitality.  The Center will support and serve pastors and parish leaders in pastoral planning, strategic planning, worship & sacraments, parish leadership formation, all to foster health and growth, building vital and vibrant faith communities.

As Leisa Anslinger retires in the summer of 2022, having served as the first director of parish vitality, Jeremy Helmes will assume the direction of the new Center for Parish Vitality. In the coming months, additional staff will be hired for the Center to provide quality support to parish leaders during Phase 1 of the planning process.


The Center for Parish Vitality fosters parish health and growth by coordinating the efforts of the Pastoral Center to build vital parishes.

Who We Serve

The Center for Parish Vitality serves parish leaders: pastors, parochial vicars, deacons, lay staff, and parishioner leaders

What We Do

  • Parish Vitality, including pastoral planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Worship & Sacraments
  • Leadership Formation

Please pray for the success of the new Center for Parish Vitality, but especially for a vibrant and healthy future for our 57 Families of Parishes!  

Interested in working in the Center for Parish Vitality?

Applications are being accepted for new staff until June 24.

Director, Office for Pastoral Planning

Director, Office for Divine Worship & Sacraments