Definitions & Guidelines for Twinning

Parish Twining is an invitation to live our lives of faith in a spirit of Global Solidarity

Twinning IS About . . .

  • building a mutual relationship
  • promoting social justice and peace
  • sharing faith journeys in Our Lord
  • learning worship styles
  • developing joyful friendships in another culture
Definitions & Guidelines

Twinning is NOT About . . .

  • changing others
  • imposing our way of life
  • only building infrastructure
  • only fundraising

Through the process of parish twinning, a parish seeks to integrate global concerns into their parish life by developing a faith‐filled relationship with another parish within or outside of the U.S. In many circumstances, a twinning partnership involves a parish in the U.S. twinning with a community organization (e.g., an orphanage), rather than with a church parish. The form that a particular twinning relationship takes depends entirely on the two parishes involved, the creativity and gifts of the members of the two parishes. Establishing the relationship is an evolutionary process involving pastor and parishioners of both parishes. It requires work, dedication and understanding from both parishes – the reward for these efforts is great.The desired twinning relationship is one where, like the Christian community described by St. Paul in 1 Corinthians 12, there is a mutual sharing of gifts within the Body of Christ. We seek to recognize, embrace and nurture a relationship with our twinning partner as a relationship between equals. The mutuality of our twinning relationship requires humbleness. It requires an openness to recognize and accept the gifts that our twinning community has to give to our parish.


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