Pastors, in collaboration with parochial vicars, deacons and lay ministers, according to their proper roles and charisms, share responsibility for pastoral leadership. The spiritual, physical and mental health and ongoing support of ordained and lay leaders is vital for Families of Parishes.

Effective leadership from priests, deacons, lay staff and other parish leaders is critical for parishes to grow in vitality, resulting in evangelizing communities of faith that radiate Christ.

Family of Parishes Leadership Team

A Family of Parishes is best served when the pastor and key collaborators (clergy and lay staff) work together as a team.  While there are many groups of people who participate in leadership and governance of a parish or Family of Parishes (e.g. Pastoral Council, full staff, Finance Council, commissions, etc.), the leadership team has the greatest potential to effectively assist the pastor in implementing the mission of the parish.

Thank you to all who attended Warmup Days – our time as leaders to build skill, learn more about what is in store for Beacons of Light Phase 1, and have time with one another. Link below for slides, resources, and helpful links.

Warmup Days April 28 slides

Warmup Days May 9 slides

May 9 Keynote

Warmup Days evaluation

WHY – HOW- WHAT quick reference guide

Pathway Milestones poster

Simon Sinek full video 

Leadership development for Families of Parishes by Dr. Tim Kloppenborg

Plan to join other parish leaders (priests, deacons, lay staff) for this series as we focus on building vital parishes that are beacons of light. Each Beacons Roundtable session includes timely information, examples from archdiocesan parishes, and opportunities for you to share your experience, thoughts, and ideas with other participants.

Leading change

“The only constant in life is change.” – Heraclitus, Greek philosopher 

Effective leaders know how to lead change within the communities they serve.   

For Beacons of Light and other change processes in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, we’ve followed an 8-step model developed by Dr. John Kotter. 

Learn more about the change management dynamics of Beacons of Light 

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