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A thorough background check is required for all those employed or volunteering to work with youth or vulnerable adults as a cleric, at a parish or school, as an Archdiocesan employee or at an Archdiocesan institution. If you are receiving a paycheck, manual fingerprints and B4 form must also be completed before you are permitted to work with youth or vulnerable adults.

Please click here for information on background check and fingerprint costs, requirements, and Archdiocesan fingerprint sessions.

All volunteers and employees are required to complete the electronic/online background check through prior to beginning their volunteer activity or employment. In addition to the electronic/online background check, employees are required to complete manual fingerprinting and submit a B4 form (click the link to download the form) before beginning their employment at an Archdiocesan parish, school, or institution. 

The electronic background check and manual fingerprints can be completed through The B4 form must be completed and signed and sent to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center for processing. 

The electronic background check through need only be completed once as quarterly updates are provided by the company.

Depending on your position within the Archdiocese of Cincinnati you may be required to provide your manual fingerprints more than once. Please check with your parish, school, or institution to see if your position/employment requires fingerprinting on a periodic basis.

If you would like copies of your Ohio BCI manual fingerprint results, please download the request form for information and instructions.  The results will be mailed to you by Ohio BCI.  To obtain a copy of background check results from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, please contact the Safe Environment office.  The results will need to be signed for and picked up in person.  Results will only be provided to the individual whose name is on the results after valid identification is provided.


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