Why should you volunteer?

Jesus calls His disciples to visit Him in prison. While this may not be possible for everyone in the literal sense, ask the Lord how He is calling you to take on this corporal work of mercy. You may be able to utilize your talents in other ways in the service of our incarcerated brothers and sisters.

How to volunteer

Step 1

Fill out the volunteer questionnaire by clicking on the Questionnaire button to the right.

Step 2

We will contact you to discuss the ministry and how you can get involved. If you do not hear from us within a week, please contact us through the Contact Us page.

step 3

Fill out the application. You will receive a password to access it after the phone call with us.

step 4

After we submit your application to the prison, it will take about six weeks or more to process. During this waiting period, you will go through ODRC training and Archdiocese Prison Ministry training.  

Step 5

Start volunteering!