Posted:  04/23/2021

Epiphany Catholic Church in Louisville, KY seeks a creative and energetic individual for the position of Director of Worship and Music Ministry. Responsibilities include the planning of liturgical and sacramental celebrations, providing liturgical formation for the community, fostering spiritual wellbeing through prayer and worship experiences, and the direction of the liturgical music program (over 50 ensemble musicians/singers, and a bell choir).

The successful candidate must be a practicing Roman Catholic with specialized training and credentials in Roman Catholic liturgy and music. Competency or fluency in Spanish is a plus. More parish information can be found online at epiphanycatholicchurch.org.

Posted:  04/20/2021

The Diocese of Covington’s Catholic Charities office is seeking hire a qualified, actively-practicing Roman Catholic individual for a full time position whose primary focus will be to promote Catholic Charities and to cultivate donors. The candidate will be responsible all aspects of prospective donor relations, including administering the Donor Snap software. This position is accountable for entering and updating donor records, running reports, and maintaining consistency within the database. The ideal candidate must be able to work collaboratively as a member of the Institutional Advancement Team, and with the Executive Director, Volunteer Coordinator, and other departments as needed. Candidates must have appropriate education, training, and experience, in addition to a high attention to detail and excellent communication and people skills.

The Board of Directors of the Catholic Conference of Ohio seeks candidates for the full-time position of Executive Director. The position will begin in Summer, 2021. The applicant will be a practicing Catholic.

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Posted:  03/23/2021

The Youth Formation Director administrates (designs, develops, directs, and evaluates) a parish catechetical program for young people from pre-school through high school and provides leadership to assist the parish community in building a solid foundation of catechetical and formational ministry and outreach.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required

  • Must be a practicing Catholic
  • Must possess a degree in Theology or Education.  A degree in Theology should be from a Catholic University.  Candidates with a degree in Education should have significant course work in Theology.
  • Some classroom experience is a plus
  • Comfort with intergenerational teaching
  • Familiarity with catechetical instructional best practices;
  • Experience and comfort utilizing various forms of technology;
  • Experience managing people
  • Ability to work some evening and weekend hours;
  • The ability to respect, promote, accommodate, and not be in conflict with the mission, moral and social teachings, doctrines, and laws of the Roman Catholic

Posted:  03/18/2021

Scope of Position: This integral staff position oversees all aspects of leveraging data throughout our organization to serve our neighbors more effectively and efficiently, on both a macro and micro level. This includes targeting, collecting, archiving, reporting, and analyzing data to address the needs of both internal and external stakeholders. This position is designated full-time, salaried & exempt. 

Job Responsibilities:

  • Model our mission, values, and paramount commitment to responsible stewardship
  • Help inform organization-wide decisions through data analysis
  • Champion successful case management system (CMS) data platform implementation throughout centralized hub functions and decentralized (Conferences comprised of volunteers, known as Vincentians) network
  • Collaborate with teammates throughout our organization to understand internal data needs and external reporting requirements
  • Develop and implement an organization-wide (Society, Stores and Pharmacy) data plan and processes which inform the breadth of our operations and integrate the various database platforms we utilize
  • Lead the achievement of the data-centric initiatives in our Upward Together FY2019-23 Operating Plan
  • Convene & facilitate an organization-wide, cross-functional committee to advance data-centric initiatives
  • Implement quality control procedures to ensure the integrity, accuracy, and consistency of the data we generate and communicate
  • Train fellow staff and volunteers to use selected data platforms and tools consistently, including providing continuous reinforcement to sustain organizational knowledge through member additions and attrition
  • Provide timely, responsive technical support to database users
  • Interact with external data platform vendors as our data point person to achieve cost efficiency and to advocate for software enhancements to respond to our evolving needs
  • Engage in identification and evaluation of software solutions
  • Provide guidance on hardware and connectivity specifications to match software requirements
  • Assist the Director of Finance in resource allocation management, including procurement
  • Other tasks and duties as delegated

Qualifications:  A bachelor’s degree, preferably with a concentration in data and analytics, is required; graduate studies are a plus. Technological proficiency (Microsoft Office, including Excel) and at least three years of relevant experience are required. Experience with data reporting is required; experience with Tableau for visual analytics is a plus.  Ability to communicate the benefits of the process and outputs of a data system across a decentralized organization is required. Experience with successful organization-wide data project implementation is strongly preferred. Strong organizational, interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills are required. Analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as attention to detail, are required. A tangible commitment to serving our neighbors (clients) and internal constituents is required. Ability to connect with fellow staff and volunteers with a wide range of technological capabilities and competence is required. Ability to work with people of diverse backgrounds in a faith-based setting is required.

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