Insurance Coverages

Property & Liability

Understanding the unique needs of the Archdiocesan parishes, schools and institutions has enabled us to develop a comprehensive package of protection designed specifically for Catholic entities.

This web-page provides information on lines of protection provided to our program participants.

Boiler & Machinery

Travelers Insurance is the carrier for the Archdiocese’s Boiler & Machinery coverage.  The Boiler & Machinery Insurance focuses mainly on industrial boilers within the Archdiocesan Churches and Schools. However other types of machinery may be covered as well. If your location experiences damage or breakdown to a boiler or machinery, other than normal wear and tear, contact Gallagher Bassett Services at (833-273-5479).

To update boiler inspection certification please see information below on how to contact Travelers Insurance to schedule an appointment:

  • Call: (800) 425-4119

  • Name as shown on the Policy: Most Reverend Dennis M. Schnurr and Successors

  • Policy Number: BME 12H588739 TIL

  • Equipment: Type/Description

  • Certificate Inspection: Due date and certificate number

  • Coverage placed through: Risk Placement Service, Inc.

  • Your location details: parish/school name, full address, contact names and numbers

Special Events

“Special Events” Insurance Program

“Special Events” occur when a parish or school allows an event to be held on parish/school property, but the event is not parish/school sponsored. The most common example is a wedding reception held at a parish hall. Other examples may include family gatherings such as birthday celebrations or funeral receptions. (* See below if alcohol is served at the event.)

If an individual or outside organization holds an event on parish/school property, you must complete a Facilities Use Agreement (FUA)  (Click here to access.)

Next, there are two choices for purchasing the required insurance coverage for the event:

OPTION 1: Provide your own insurance coverage.

If you are securing your own insurance coverage, you will need to complete the following:

  • Provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  • Check with your homeowner’s insurance agent as most will provide this free of charge.
  • Name the parish/school as additional insured for at least $1,000,000 and include the following verbiage on the certificate:

“PARISH/SCHOOL NAME, Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati are named as additional insureds.”

        (Click here for an example of a COI.)

OPTION 2: Purchase TULIP coverage.

TULIP, also known as Tenant User Liability Insurance Program, is only available online. It is underwritten by K&K Insurance and is handled through the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s broker at Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services.

K & K Insurance TULIP website to purchase coverage:

Key points when applying for coverage online

  • Internet based system date and time stamps all requests for coverage
  • Simply answer questions and check the appropriate boxes
  • System immediately processes transactions, provides approval for event and the certificate of insurance
  • Premiums vary according to activity but on average the cost is approximately $125.00
  • System accepts credit card payments and electronic checks
  • Parishioner or Parish may complete the application
  • Need assistance while completing the online application? Call (800)553-8368; help desk for K&K Insurance


Please Note: Regardless of which option you choose to provide insurance for the special event, if alcohol is involved as part of the event, you may need to purchase a special liquor insurance policy.

There are three instances in which a special liquor insurance policy is required: (1) If liquor is being sold, (2) When there is an admission price to the event which includes liquor, or (3) If liquor is served as part of a fund-raising event. 

Coverage for Liquor Liability is NOT available on the web-based system.  A paper application is available through this link, “Special Events Application – Liquor” and must be submitted via email to Brianna Riske; [email protected] .  Upon review and approval an invoice will be directly sent to the applicant.  

Questions about Special Events Coverage contact: Brianna Riske, Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services (630) 285-4252  Email: [email protected]

Student Accident

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati purchases a Student Accident Insurance Program.  It is administered by BMI Benefits, P.O. Box 511 Matawan, NJ 07747.

  • Students who are attending archdiocesan pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, elementary or secondary schools are eligible.
  • This insurance coverage is for covered*  injuries during the hours and days when school is in session and while
    • (a) participating in school sponsored and supervised activities occurring on or off school premises, including participation in Archdiocesan Youth Athletic/CYO activities or
    • (b) traveling to and from such activities in transportation furnished or arranged by the school.  *as determined by BMI underwriters.
  • Any student, while participating in Archdiocesan Youth Athletic/CYO activities through 8th Grade is eligible.
  • This insurance coverage is secondary to the student’s families’ medical insurance.
  • Participation in High School Interscholastic sports and Football is excluded.

Student Accident Documents

Trips - Domestic & Abroad

Archdiocesan priests, staff, faculty, students and parishioners regularly travel both domestically and abroad for ministry related purposes.

International travel may pose health and safety risks, and for this reason, travelers are encouraged to carefully and thoroughly plan for trips prior to departure. Preparation for travel should take into consideration government warnings, Archdiocesan policies, health insurance including medical and security evacuation, and country-specific requirements.

Planning & Resources


Why Should We Go On Immersion/Mission Trips

  • Not so much to do for others on short trips but to being with others, developing longer-term friendships with prayer and solidarity, growing together in Christ.
  • Not to view others as objects of our pity but to become sisters and brothers in Christ, learning to eliminate the causes of ignorance, poverty and oppression together for the long haul.
  • Not so much to convert, help, or teach others, but to invite our hosts to seek our conversions toward God together through dialogue about faith, struggles and dreams for God’s reign.

Why should we travel?  Pope Francis says, “To get acquainted with other people and other cultures” as this experience “makes us grow”. “If we are isolated in ourselves, we have only what we have, we cannot develop culturally; instead, if we seek out other people, other cultures, other ways of thinking, other religions, we go out of ourselves and start that most beautiful adventure which is called ‘dialogue’”. Dialogue does not allow for closure and conflict, “because we talk to each other to find ourselves and not in order to quarrel”.

How shall we travel and dialogue?  The Holy Father ask that we travel “With meekness! Develop the ability to find people, to find culture peacefully; develop the ability to ask intelligent questions like, “But why are you thinking like this? Why does this culture do this?  Do this by “first listening, then speaking. All this is meekness.” 2013-08-22 L’Osservatore Romano

For an excellent mission trip planning booklet, What about Short-Term Mission” A Guide for Leaders and Participants for Short-Term Mission Experiences” order from

The Third Wave of Mission is a source for video modules and services to help plan and improve mission trips and parish twinning relationships.  Learn more.

The Archdiocesan Mission Office is ready to serve you as well at:

Volunteer Accident

Parishes and schools are blessed with generous and talented volunteers! 

The main consideration is to have clear communication with your parishioner/school volunteers on what they’re doing and allowed to do. There can be no expectation that the volunteers are like employees and required to do work they’re not trained to do.

Certainly specialized work like electrical, plumbing, replacing gutters or roofs etc. should be done by professionals with appropriate permits, insurance etc.  Even though finances might be tight safety is of paramount concern. 

Ladder safety is key and volunteers should be discouraged from being on ladders higher than 6 feet. 

Again, safety is key to any volunteer activity.  However, if an accident does occur there is Volunteer Accident Coverage available.

workers' Compensation

Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc. administers the processing of workers’ compensation claims for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.  

When an employee incurs a workplace injury, the business manager/supervisor should prepare a Supervisor’s Report of Injury.    This report is to be kept at the location for your records.  

As soon as the same day, the details of the injury must be reported/called into the Gallagher Bassett (GB) claims reporting number:  833.273.5479 in order to report and create the mandatory Workers’ Compensation First Report of Injury (FROI).

Same day calling is important because provider offices are very good about processing same day appointments.  It is critical Gallagher Bassett Services as an incident for the employee already indexed, so that when that billing is received by Gallagher Bassett  there is a record to match already present in their system. Even if the employee injury does not result in a visit to a provider, you should call the 833.273.5479 number.  Zero dollar incidents are an important statistic that needs to be captured, and there are times when a visit happens later, or during a normal doctors visit, when the employee will mention the work related injury which may trigger health coverage denials

Forms & Certificate




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