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The Call of a Respect Life Coordinator in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati is to be an ambassador of the Gospel of Life to the Parish. The Archdiocesan Staff supports coordinators by providing resources to educate their parish communities and to call others to involvement in the Pro-Life Movement. Every person we meet already has a deep-set belief on life issues. Our ministry must be built on relationships and interactions that draw people towards the culture of life rather than pushing them further away.

If you are a new parish coordinator, please complete the FORM BELOW to provide us with your information and to receive our Coordinator Handbook.

Respect Life Goals

This year our Archdiocesan goals for Respect Life Coordinators are:

  1. Educate parish communities about the “Culture of Life” and expand Respect Life efforts within the parish.
  3. Establish a network with fellow parish Respect Life Coordinators in order to share and collaborate.
  5. Grow in knowledge of Respect Life issues by becoming familiar with the USCCB RESPECT LIFE RESOURCES and the many resources on this website.
  7. Promote Respect Life Sunday on the first Sunday of October to raise awareness of Pro-Life issues.

Coordinator Resources

The Respect Life Newsletter is a free publication that comes directly to your inbox each month.  With a plethora of information and upcoming events, it is an excellent resource for any person who would like to stay current on respect life issues in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Read our current issue, search through the newsletter archives, submit a story or idea for publication, and register to begin receiving this newsletter below.

Learn more about all of the issues that fall under the umbrella of a comprehensive ethic of life. Our Life Issues Resource Page has a plethora of information to help you grow in knowledge to better proclaim the Gospel of Life. There are also great resources that you could be incredibly useful in your parish ministry role.

Respect Life Office Brochure
National Respect Life Website
9 Months with Christ in the Womb

Forming a New CommitteE

This may seem obvious enough, but it is important to check your bulletin, ask the parish secretary, or look in your parish activity guides. There is no point in attempting to reinvent the wheel. It is much smarter to work collaboratively on one initiative within the parish.
Our office is happy to assist you in making key contacts, in developing an effective tone of communication, and in helping you identify the most effective use of your time and manpower in the promotion of life. Please complete the FORM BELOW in order to get on our Respect Life Coordinator List and receive the Office for Respect Life Ministries Handbook.
In order for a parish effort to be effective, it is essential that your pastor be on board with your initiative. He need not be involved in the daily details unless he wishes to be, but he must be informed enough to speak accurately about your efforts. Crucial in this stage is identifying how Respect Life Ministry will fit into his broader plan for the mission of the Kingdom as lived within your parish. The Office for Respect Life Ministries is more than happy to assist in these conversations.
No successful initiative within our churches is the result of one man or one woman. Rather, we are a body of believers united in Christ. We need a group, a guiding coalition which can challenge each other’s presuppositions, share the workloads, and identify best lines of action. A core team of at least six people is ideal.This may be accomplished simply through bulletin and pulpit announcements promoting an organizational meeting. It may work better through personal invitation. The most effective way to engage the right people in any such initiative is at the behest of the pastor.
While no parish can do everything, each parish is called to do something. We encourage you to consult our webpages and schedule a meeting with representatives of our office to assist you in developing realistic goals and objectives for your first year!

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