Task Forces & Committees

The Social Action Office attempts to be engaged in as many justice, peace, and equity issues as possible, but there are some topics that require a more consistent and focused approach. To this end, there are committees and task forces that have been organized to better educate, mobilize, and engage parishioners and other people of good will around critical issues. If you are interested in joining one of these groups and/or are interested in organizing a new group, please contact the office. 

The Social Action Commission, made up of representatives from around the Archdiocese, guides and supports the work of the Social Action Staff. Click here to learn more.

CCHD is the national anti-poverty program of the U.S. Catholic bishops. Locally, we seek out and support organizations who adhere to Catholic Social Teaching and empower people for justice. Click here to learn more.

CRS is the official international relief and development agency of the U.S. Catholic community. Locally, we seek to share the good news about and engage people to join in solidarity with their work. Click here to learn more.

The Anti-Racism Task Force works for racial equity, combating the effects of white privilege, marginalization, and oppression. We recognize the systematic and institutional racism both with the Church and without and seek to educate and empower the faithful to end this centuries-old sin. Click here to learn more.

The Immigration Task Force is an interfaith effort to welcome with compassion our brothers and sisters who have arrived from foreign lands and work for comprehensive immigration reform. Click here to learn more.

The Care for Creation Task Force follows the lead of our recent popes and the US bishops in calling for the care of all God’s creation, recognizing the need to be better stewards of our common home. Click here to learn more.

The Addiction Crisis Task Force is a joint Lutheran-Catholic effort to support those suffering from addiction and their families. Click here for more information.

We remember all people have dignity and worth, e-ven if they are formerly incarcerated. The challenges facing folks re-entering society are myriad and significant, and the Dismas Journey discusses these challenges and the joy that comes from supporting these brothers and sisters. Click here for more information.

Christians of the East and West joining together to promote greater awareness of Christianity and religious freedom for all. Click here for more information.

The two Rural Life conferences in the AOC – one in the north, one in the southeast – educate and assist the faithful in supporting rural life concerns. Click here for more information.

This Dayton-area collaborative of parishes and organizations cultivates vibrant social ministry. Click here for more information.

This Northern-area collaborative seeks to make a greater impact on a number of social justice issues. Click here for more information.

This Cincinnati-area collaborative works together on pro-life and social justice issues and seeks to enhance parish-level efforts through building community, fostering collaboration, an sharing resources. Click here for more information.

Action Center

Catholic Social Teaching calls us to not only understand and deepen our faith but also to live our faith. Whether through advocacy, education, faith sharing, or public action, we all must practice our faith in our every word and deed. As James 2:17 says, “Faith without works is dead.” Please check back often to our Action Center for various ways that you and your community can speak out with compassion and solidarity for justice and peace.